Peter Weber Accuses ‘Bachelor’ Producers of Making Clayton Echard “Look Bad”

“You can see, like, the manipulation that’s going on.”

Clayton Echard, bless him, has gotten a lot of backlash for his handling of drama on The Bachelor (and kinda just backlash in general), prompting a lot of comparison to one Peter Weber. Aka this dude:

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And apparently, Pilot Pete is well aware of said comparisons and has been watching Clayton’s season despite it giving him “PTSD.”

“My heart goes out to Clayton so much because I relate to Clayton in so many ways. And I look at his season—it’s almost a little bit of PTSD for me, like, being pulled back into it,” he said on the Here for the Right Reasons podcast. “I’ve been in that exact situation. I’ve been told something so similar to [him], I’ve had to make a decision very similar under that kind of pressure.”

Peter went on to explain that both he and Clayton “kept getting dragged into” the drama and that “it’s a very uncomfortable situation. And it’s not easy to make the right decision all the time and when you’re not privy to all this information.” He also noted that he thinks producers are manipulating the situation big-time:

“You can see, like, the manipulation that’s going on and you can see how certain people are being pushed forward on the show and it’s kind of making Clayton look bad,” he said. “It just is. And it’s that part that sucks to see because I feel like that happened on mine too. And that’s not necessarily Clayton’s fault. If there’s someone in there that’s getting a lot of time that everyone’s looking at, like, ‘How is he not seeing this? And why is he making this decision? Why is he keeping it around?’ Well, if she’s there for, you know, 20 minutes and doing it? In a whole montage, a make-out scene, like, producers are making that happen and are allowing that to happen. It sucks to see kind of in hindsight how that all plays out and turns out and then people make these judgments on you.”

Hmmmmm. I mean, The Bachelor *is* a reality TV show, so obviously a lot of editing takes place. But guess we’ll have to hear what Clayton thinks about his edit on the “Women Tell All” episode.

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