A Member of the Oppenheim Group Is Competing on ‘The Bachelor’

The Bachelor x Selling Sunset crossover we never knew we needed!

Everyone ready to ring in the new year with Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor? Me neither, but it’s definitely going to be interesting. Aside from an extremely dramatic trailer that features Clayton telling multiple women he’s in love with them/was “intimate” with them, it turns out one of his contestants works for The Oppenheim Group—aka the famous real estate group owned by Jason and Brett Oppenheim featured on Selling Sunset.

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Chicks in the Office was the first to find out this interesting nugget of info, tweeting, “Kate from Clayton’s upcoming season of the Bachelor works for the Oppenheim Group?! There for the right reasons or a bid for Selling Sunset?”

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Turns out, Kate Gallivan has a bio on the Oppenheim Group’s website, which describes her as “a Nashville native” who “moved to Los Angeles seven years ago and hit the ground running with a job in entertainment at CAA.”

The bio goes on to say that she started working in real estate in 2016 and that her recipe for success is “attention to detail, effective communication, and a positive attitude.” Also, there’s this: “When she’s not out in the field, you can find her attending to a different recipe—homemade cinnamon rolls. Besides being a queen in the kitchen, Kate also knows her way around all of the shopping, dining, hiking, and entertainment experiences that L.A. has to offer.”

kate g bachelor

Meanwhile, Kate’s bio on ABC doesn’t name drop the Oppenheim Group but does say that she is a 32-year-old real estate agent in California who has “a great job with one of Los Angeles’ top real estate firms, a beautiful home in the Hollywood Hills, and a glamorous social life that is nonstop fun.”

Can only assume that last part is a reference to her being invited to Jason Oppenheim’s forever iconic dog birthday party!

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