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4 Easy Steps to Get You Out of Your Fashion Rut

Plus, blazers for big boobs and how to look cute in the polar vortex.

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Q: I hate everything I own, so I just end up wearing the same thing every day. I'm in a fashion rut. How do I get out of it?

A: First and foremost, if you really want to get out of your rut, you're going to need to buy some new clothes. That takes time and money and there's no way around that. Once you've accepted that fact, here's what you do:

1. Go through your wardrobe and pull out your favorite pieces — not necessarily the ones you wear the most, but the ones that make you feel the best when you put them on. What do all these pieces have in common? Are they a certain color, or shape, or style? Make a list.

2. Imagine you have limitless access to clothes and accessories. How would you style these pieces so you could wear them every day (for work, for going out, etc)? If you're lost for ideas, head to an ecommerce site like NastyGal, H&M, Zara, or Net-a-Porter and see how they do it. Even if you don't like what they are doing, they might give you some ideas. Make a list of dream wardrobe pieces and get specific — color, cut, fabric, detailing — then see where the overlaps are and make a shopping list for yourself with the most frequently listed item(s) at the top, whether it's a leather jacket, a statement necklace, over-the-knee boots, or whatever you find you are the most fixated on. 

3. Head to Polyvore or ShopStyle and use the word search bar to start looking for the first item on your list. Use the price filters to set a budget for yourself and see what you find. If you see something you love, don't wait. Just buy it. If you've got money left over, move on to the next item on your list and so on.

4. For every accessory or new piece of clothing you add to your wardrobe, take one similar item out of your wardrobe and donate it — a necklace for a necklace, a jacket for a jacket. Out with the old and in with the new.

Q: I have big boobs, so blazers never look right on me. What else can I wear that still looks professional?

A: Contrary to popular belief, just because you have big boobs, doesn't mean you can't wear blazers. You just need to focus on lapel-less styles with higher closures. That way the jacket will drape over your chest instead of curving around it. Slinkier fabrics like silk and wool crepe lay closer to body and are often more flattering than cotton. The look can be a bit boxy, though, so you may need some additional tailoring if you're going for a more fitted silhouette. 

If you're still not feeling it, but jackets are required where you work, try a boxy, crew-neck style instead. Tweed is the classic choice — very Chanel-esque — but wool, cotton, or even leather are great, professional options as well.

Black Spotted Blazer, ASOS CURVE, $30; Black Blazer, MANGO, $100; Pastel Tweed Jacket, VINCE CAMUTO, $179


Q: How am I supposed to look cute when it's this cold outside?

A: Embrace oversized tops — chunky sweaters, boxy jackets, and cocoon coats — and layer underneath until you are nice and cozy. Next, balance out all that volume on top with a pair of skinny jeans or leather leggings layered over tights for extra warmth.  Bring extra emphasis to your legs with a pair of sleek, high-heeled boots — the slimmer and more fitted the boots, the better, so your legs look as long as possible — and accessorize further with jewelry, bags, hats etc. like you normally would. 

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Cream Cowl Neck Sweater, FREE PEOPLE, $100; Pink Wool Coat, RIVER ISLAND, $160; Light Blue Beanie, RIVER ISLAND, $14; Skinny Jeans, BIG STAR, $108; Silver Arrow Ear Cuff, TOPSHOP, $10; Tan Heel Boots, STEVE MADDEN, $225

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