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Peter Weber Thinks Clayton Echard Is Going to End Up Alone in His ‘Bachelor’ Finale

Peter has clearly been thinking DEEPLY about this.

Since he started his tenure as Bachelor, Clayton Echard has been breaking rules. Some of them are implicit rules—like the common-sense rule that Bachelor and Bachelorette leads should really not say “I love you” to more than one contestant. Some of them are things we thought were actual rules of the show—like the assumed rule that you couldn’t try to give out roses before the first cocktail party or that roses had a “no take-backs” promise attached to them. Now, former Bachelor Peter Weber is publicly predicting that Clayton will join the ranks of Bachelor Nation leads who break the show’s presumed promise of a happy ending too.

WARNING: This post contains spoilers about Clayton’s season of the Bachelor, so purists should scroll no further.

In a recent chat for Us Weekly’s Here for the Right Reasons podcast, Pete (who is definitely no stranger to messy Bachelor endings) outright predicted that Clayton will end his Bachelor journey all alone and single—but with tons of self-growth and important life lessons under his belt. Pete actually got very specific about the reasons WHY he thinks this—and most of them seem tied to his sincere belief that Rachel Recchia should win but that Clayton’s decision to be “intimate” with two contestants (reports are mixed about which two women get that bombshell, but most agree that Rachel is one of them) will ruin things in the relationship.

“My prediction is—and I hate to say—that he ends up with no one and that it was supposed to be Rachel,” he said (per Us Weekly), explaining that he thinks Rachel might be put off by the sleeping-with-multiple-contestants reveal. “[I think] she loses it. And then who knows if they all walk away or how it ends—maybe he walks away because it was mainly Rachel. I’m hoping that’s not the case, but that’s how I kind of think it ends.”

Why does Peter think Rachel was The One for Clayton? Because of all those group date roses she’s been racking up—which he, as a former Bachelor, implies is ANOTHER rule Clayton is breaking during his reign as lead.

“I’m kind of surprised that he’s been able to give her group date roses so many times, like, back-to-back,” Peter explained. “He’s very lucky he was able to do that.”

But wait…THERE’S MORE. Peter also got meta about analyzing Susie Evans’s recent declaration of (falling in) love. His take: basically that Susie was being genuine about her feelings but she’s clearly in second place for Clayton’s heart and the Bachelor powers that be may have encouraged her to express those honest feelings to keep things interesting.

“If I’m looking at this as just a viewer here, I’m like, maybe production now is throwing up a little bit of a Hail Mary with Susie. They can’t have Rachel separate too much from the pack,” he said. “So now, you know, Susie’s gonna come in and I don’t think that it’s there with Susie and Clayton as much it is with Rachel and Clayton.”

It’s not all doom and gloom though. Even though Peter thinks Clayton will be single when we see him for “After the Final Rose,” he doesn’t think all the interviews he’s been giving about finding love on the show are BS—it’s just that maybe Clayton’s journey was about personal growth and learning to love himself instead of getting engaged.

“I saw an interview where he was like, ‘Yeah, I fell in love.’ And that was very shocking to me because normally you’re not supposed to say that and give it away,” Peter explained. “And I think it’s gonna be more of he found himself, a self-love-type situation, like, he learned a lot about himself and he is really excited about progressing and finding something in the future. We will see.”

Peter, please continue to share deep-dive analysis into The Bachelor. If not on podcasts and in interviews, then just casually over a bottle of cheap wine IRL because you’ve officially proven your Bach Nation stan status.

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