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The Triceratops Sex Position Is Roaringly Good

We promise it's sexier than it sounds.

Okay, so I know the word “Triceratops” doesn’t immediately provoke sexy thoughts, but hear me out: The Triceratops sex position can be super hot if you’re into a little BDSM. “If you want to be dominated, then the Triceratops sex position is a must-do for you!” says Ruby Payne, sex expert at adult toy retailer UberKinky. Does that sound like you? Then let’s get you in position. (Psst, if you don’t actually know whether you want to be dominated, take a kink test.)

“If you’re the receiver, bend over so your stomach is parallel to the ground. Look down at the floor and spread your legs. Have your partner enter you vaginally or anally from behind while holding your arms alongside your body, parallel to the floor,” says Payne.

Now that you know how it's done, here's why it's so roaringly (sorry, had to) good.

The receiving partner gets to be submissive

“This is a fabulous position for people who enjoy power exchange (dominance and submission),” says Rebecca Blanton, aka Auntie Vice, sex educator and co-host of the Fat Chicks on Top podcast. “Having your arms pinned behind you (and possibly bound behind you) leaves the other person in control of how you're penetrated and the speed of the thrusting during the session.”

You can control how much penetration is involved

Goody Howard, resident sex educator for sexual hygiene and body care company Royal, says Triceratops is great for deeper penetration. But it’s versatile enough that the receiving partner can control how much they’re getting by adjusting the position of their legs. “Having your legs apart while your partner stands between them allows for deep penetration, while having your legs closer together with your partner’s on the outside will allow for shallow thrusts and penetration to really help stimulate the inner walls of your vagina or anus,” says Payne.

It makes the clit accessible

“If your partner’s a multitasker, they can use one of their hands to hold both your hands and use their free hand to rub or stimulate your clit,” says Moore. “There are also vibrating sex toys that can do wonders on your clit. My personal favorites are the We-Vibe Tango bullet vibe for powerful and focused clit vibrations and Magic Wand Plus for deep powerful rumbles. Your partner can also put the Magic Wand’s broad tip around your anus, perineum, or even under their balls for intense sensations.”

But don’t just take my word for it. Here are some positions to get you trying it out for yourself.

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1 The Classic Triceratops
triceratops sex position, sex positions

Like Payne said, if you’re the receiver, bend over so that your body is essentially in an upside-down L-shape and your stomach is parallel to the ground. Spread your legs wide and put your arms at your sides while your partner holds them down and penetrates from behind.

2 The Kneeling Triceratops
kneeling triceratops sex position, sex positions

For an even more submissive vibe, the receiver gets on their knees. “The receiving partner kneels on the bed in doggy style while the penetrating partner stands behind them,” says Blanton. “This can help put the receiver’s anus and/or vagina in a much more accessible position.” What happens with those very accessible parts is up to you.

3 The Role Reversal
role reversal triceratops sex position, sex positions

“Play with gender dynamics in this position using a harness and a strap-on, as this is a great position for anal,” says Jess O’Reilly, PhD, sex expert at Astroglide. “One partner can wear a strap-on around their pelvis and the other can bend over and experiment with anal penetration.” You can start with finger penetration if a dildo seems like too much.

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4 The Leapfrog
leap frog triceratops sex position, sex position

The Leapfrog gives the receiver a little more control over what’s happening. “The receiving partner squats down with their feet on the floor, rather than kneeling,” says Tatyana Dyachenko, sex therapist and relationship expert for Peaches and Screams. Basically, you squat like a frog, but like… a sexy, in-control frog.

5 The Wheelbarrow
wheelbarrow triceratops sex position, sex positions

“Feeling more adventurous or energetic? Then the wheelbarrow variation is perfect. It even doubles as a workout move,” says Aliyah Moore, PhD, Resident Certified Sex Therapist at SexualAlpha. “This variation requires a lot of arm strength from the receiver and a lot of balance from the giver. Thus, make sure to try this move earlier to save your strength and energy for the rest of your fun stuff.”

6 The Double Trouple
double trouble triceratops sex position, sex position

Leave no hole unfilled. “If you’re penetrated anally, have your partner use their free hand to finger you or use another dildo to mimic double penetration,” says Moore. “Or you can have it the other way. While your partner penetrates you vaginally, they can put their finger on your anus or use a vibrating butt plug for mind-blowing Os.”

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