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8 Orgasmic Sex Positions to Try With a Curved Penis

Here's how to get it to hit juuust right.

What's great about a curved penis? “Well, just look at all the internal stimulation toys everywhere. Largely they are curved!” says Carol Queen, PhD, Staff Sexologist at Good Vibrations.

Finding a curve in someone’s pants is actually pretty common. Studies have found 32.7% of men have an upward curve, 19.1% a downward curve and 24.5% a side curve, says Michael Ingber, Board-certified urologist and sexual health specialist at The Center for Specialized Women's Health. So how to make best use of this lovely curve?

Find your fit.

“Curved penises are great when the angle of the curve and the angle of entry are aligned. For example, if it's curved upward, missionary or riding leaning forward will feel awesome. If it's curved downward, reverse is going to be your best friend,” says Goody Howard, resident sexologist for Royal. “Play around like your bodies are two puzzle pieces and have fun feeling out how they fit together best,” says Sarah Melancon, Ph.D, Sociologist and Clinical Sexologist at SexToyCollective.com.

Try a few things.

“Vary the thrusting and penetration speed to find a rhythm that is comfortable for both partners, “ says Shannon Chavez, Licensed Psychologist and K-Y’s Sex Therapist.

Make adjustments for oral.

“A curved penis can sometimes be the best kind for deep throating. Line up the curve of the penis with the curve of the throat, not the other way,” says Queen. “In the case of upward curvature, a 69 position may be more appropriate,” says Ingber.

Let your partner know you’re into their curve.

“A lot of men feel self-conscious about having a curved penis, but unless the curve is really extreme and a result of injury (like in the cases of a broken penis, or Peyronie's disease), it's completely normal. And it really has advantages. If you use it right, you can make people orgasm just from penetration even if they typically only orgasm with additional manual stimulation,” says Zhana Vrangalova, NYU professor of Human Sexuality and sexpert for LELO.

Here are some suggestions for positions you'll most definitely want to try:

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1 The Swinging Pogo Stick
a standing position penetrator stands to enter receiver is seating in a doorway mounted sex swing with legs wrapped around partners waist

The pogo stick is a standing position that works with an upward curve. “This position is similar to missionary in that it allows the receiver to fully accommodate a curved penis,” says Marsha Jackson, a sex counsellor specializing in issues facing queer and gender-fluid people. Traditionally the pogo aspect is that the penetrator is supposed to bob up and down which…no. To make it way safer and more comfortable, try it in a door-mounted sex swing.

2 The Sidewinder
penetrator leans on their side with their elbow on a positioning wedge receiver lies on back with legs spread and scooted up against partner with both legs hooked over partners hip

“For those who point left or right, a positioning pillow supports the side or hips for extra leverage for both the giver and receiver,” says Brian Robinson, owner of The Pleasure Chest. “The Wedge can support the penetrator’s elbow while they lean on their side while the receiver lies on their back with their legs spread. The receiver can open their legs even wider for a more filling experience.”

3 The Grinder
penetration is on top in missionary but shifted up their partners body so the top of their shaft is rubbing against their partners clit

“Opt for grinding positions with a good steady rhythm that allow a good thrust as these types of positions make the most of what you've naturally got,” says Tatyana Dyachenko, sex therapist and relationship expert for Peaches and Screams. The Coital Alignment Technique (CAT) with an upward curve is really really good.

4 The Mind Bender
one partner lays on back with feet on other partners chest

There's a reason toys meant for internal ~stimulation~ are curved upward. Find out why by sitting on the edge of a couch as he enters kneeling. He thrusts in and up, much like the way your eyes will be rolling back in your head. Bonus hotness for all: Look into his eyes, start rubbing your clit and lean back—his tip will hit you with surgical precision.

5 The Downtower
woman lays on stomach and man enters her from behind

If he's rocking a downward curve, it's time to experience the true glory of a rear entry position. He kneels, sitting back on his heels. You get on all fours, sliding back so you're sitting on his lap, then lean forward on your elbows (or hands, depending on recent yoga attendance). He does a reacharound to stroke you while you wrap the top of your feet back around his butt to pull him deeper.

6 The Curve Ball
spooning sex

Take advantage of a left or right curve to give you extra stimulation in the sensitive spot behind your clit. He raises himself in a plank pose (like in missionary position), but you lie on your side curled up in a ball. If he curves left, lie on your right side, and vice versa because #physics.

7 The Clusterfuck
woman on top sex and she leans toward partners toes

This one is kind of a gender-reversed, twisted and upside down missionary. You are on top, but facing his feet. You get the feeling of being the fucker instead of fuckee—which is actually damned powerful—and can put that curve exactly where you want it. If you are craving a super tight fit, press your legs together with your feet alongside his head and go to town.

8 The T-Bone
man lies on side and enters woman with her legs in air

An east/west curve turns a meh position into ohmygodyes amazing. He lies on his side, curve pointing skyward. You lie on your back at a T angle and scooch down until you're draping your legs over his hips. It's good if you're semi-inhibited because you can freely stroke yourself during without super intense eye contact.

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