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15 Silk Sheets That’ll Upgrade Your Bedroom (and Improve Your Beauty Sleep)

Warning: You’ll probs want to stay in bed 24/7.

best silk sheets

If you're feeling a little uncomfy at night lately—or you just want to feel rich AF— may I suggest swapping out your cotton sheets for silk ones? You simply must experience the cool slick of this luxurious lightweight fabric after a long day, which is why I’ve rounded up the best silk sheets money can buy below.

Aside from the fact that silk sheets (especially the ones on this list, if I do say so myself) are absolutely stunning, they’re also refreshing yet cozy, breathable yet smooth, and much healthier for your skin and hair. Yep, that’s right—silk sheets have beauty benefits (Hence: the silk pillowcase craze). The magic is in the ultra-smooth texture of the fabric, which prevents your precious locks from getting tangled up at night. Blowout = preserved!

Silk sheets also retain moisture rather than drawing it out (unlike most other sheets), meaning your hair and skin will stay nice and hydrated while you sleep. Dreamy, right?! Although, I should mention that they tend to cost more than, say, flannel sheets or winter sheets or regular ol' soft sheets—but you definitely deserve a little upgrade.

And if you’re looking to treat yourself to a luxury set of bed sheets, silk is most definitely worth the splurge. I got you covered, too, with some affordable options. Scroll down for the 15 best silk sheets and bed accessories to shop right now.

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These affordable sheets
Alderete Satin Sheet Set
Willa Arlo Interiors

This silk sheet set comes with a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and a pillowcase—all for less than 50 bucks. I mean, it doesn't get better than that??

this bougie look
Mulberry Silk Fitted Sheets
Manito Silk

This v luxe set is breathable and hypoallergenic—plus, it comes in eight different stunning colors!

The Pillowcase Option
Pure Silk Pillowcase

If you're not ready to fully commit to a full set of silk sheets, start with just a silk pillowcase. SLIP, the original beauty sleep pillowcases, are the perfect option. Wake up lookin' fab with this ultra-soft silk one. Plus, it comes with a beauty mask. Sold!

the highly-reviewed choice
Mulberry Charmeuse Natural Bedding
Mulberry Park Silks

I know, I know, the price is...up there. But this set is made of 100 percent pure Mulberry silk. According to one reviewer, the sheets feel "silky, buttery, and creamy smooth" but never slippery. "I did not find myself sliding off the bed," they added, "I woke up and caught myself smiling in bliss!"

this protective hair wrap
Silke London

If you're not ready to invest in silk sheets, put your money into this silk hair wrap that will balance the oils in your locks and eliminate frizz.

the charcoal choice
Ultra Soft Durable Sheets

Try all you want but no one can convince me that this charcoal shade isn't one of the sexiest hues out there. A quick warning: the 400 thread-count, silky soft set will make it really hard to get outta bed.

These *other* Affordable sheets
Vonty Satin Sheets

If the price points above scare you—they scare me too, no shame!—then try out a satin alternative. These best-sellers on Amazon have thousands of reviews and a 4.5-star rating. It's like you dropped a few hundred dollars on a set, but really only spent under 40 bucks.

This taupe pillowcase
100% Silk Queen Size Pillowcase

This beauty sleep pillowcase has killer reviews. My personal fave prints are the stunning blue leopard and gorg snakeskin. If that ain't your style, don't worry, Swurly offers a ton of other neutral choices (like this one) as well.

these black ones
Cotton & Silk Duvet Cover & Sham Set
Donna Karan New York

So we're talkin' silk sheets. Three words: Luxurious. Beautiful. Expensive. At this point, why not go all-in? This cotton and silk charmeuse sham is perfect for the chicks who want All. Silk. Everything.

The Feels-Like-Silk Option
Signature Sateen Sheet Set

If you're still thinking, girl, WTF. Do you think I'm made of money?! Here is another alternative option. It feels like silk, it's shiny like silk, AND they're just as soft and breathable as the real thing—but they're bamboo, baby!

The Pristine, White Option
4-Piece Mulberry Silk Sheets

If you go for these pristinely white mulberry silk sheets, first of all, congrats, you're much braver than I am. And second of all, double congrats 'cause your bed is GUAR-AN-TEED to look and feel stunning.

the personality pick
Marbling Silk Fitted Sheet

You don't have to forgo patterns just because your sheets are silk. This beautiful marble set will be the scene-stealing statement piece in any bedroom.

The personality pick, part II
White Marble Silk Pillowcase
Shhh Silk

I mean, since we're on that marble trend, here's another singular silk pillowcase for some serious beauty sleep.

the fitted option
Silk Fitted Sheet

If the silky smoothness and the pearly white color haven't already persuaded you to get these sheets, then I've got two words for you: machine washable.

The White Pillowcase Option
Ivory | Silk Pillowcase
Grace Eleyae

So you got those white sheets above, huh? Well, what if you're extra and sleep with a million pillows? Well, have I got a solution for you: Order these gorge, white silk pillowcases and problem solved.

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