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If You’re a Taurus, You Need These Crystals

You + aventurine = the perfect match.

If you’re a Taurus, you need to know two things about your sign: Taurus is ruled by Venus (the planet of love, pleasure, beauty, money) and symbolized by the bull (placid and calm one minute, raging and stampeding the next). Taurus is a misunderstood sign, sometimes lazily characterized as a stubborn, deliberating, possessive homebody. Actually, y’all are deep thinkers and analysts who spend such a long time coming to your conclusions and thinking everything through TWICE that you can seem slow (especially when compared to a Gemini or Aquarius).

What’s more, Taurus is a zodiac sign that everyone can get along with. They’re pleasure-seeking, laid-back (until they’re not…), and always ready for a good time. And about that “not”: You do often come off as stubborn because you don’t like changing your mind. Well, it took you a lot of energy to decide on your POV, and you’ve probably already mentally countered the arguments they think will sway you. Don’t underestimate the bull, okay!

People with significant Taurus placements love security, surety, comfort, companionship, pleasure, and indulgence. You’re stoic and strong, confident in your own skin, and you make great company (especially for spa days, shopping, fine dining, or chill days at home). You forge lasting, loyal relationships, and you never give up on anything you put your mind to. You know that hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. That’s exactly why you’ll find so many rich, successful, and famous Tauruses out there!

Tauruses need extra crystal help when it comes to thriving in fast-paced, demanding environments. They also benefit from crystals to help them relax from the stress of perfectionism and the pressure to exceed others’ expectations (or their own). Tauruses are known for their stamina but can struggle when a situation calls for a short burst of high-octane activity or thinking, so crystals that sharpen clarity and boost energy are great allies.

You don’t really need any help living your best life, but if you’re looking for a little boost, these crystals will help sharpen your mental focus, ground you, protect you, enhance your sense of security, and tons of other good stuff. Also, aren’t they pretty? You love pretty things.

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Tiny Emerald Earrings With Sterling Silver or 14K Posts

Emerald attracts good fortune and abundance, plus it’s the May birthstone. This gem can also boost your resolve and mental clarity, bringing your unconscious knowledge to the surface and helping you find the right conclusion faster and easier.


This stone has such powerful grounding energy that it will pull you back to the present moment, no matter where your mind is. It helps soothe unhealthy links to old wounds and needless fretting about the future.

Aventurine Crystal Pyramid

You can turn into an envious green-eyed monster when you see something you want being flaunted by another. If you’re not careful, you might even go on a spending spree you really can’t afford. Aventurine helps dissolve jealousy and the need to compare yourself to others. It also provides focus and strength to help you stay on track with your money goals.

Clear Calcite

This stone will ease money-related emotional blockages that could, in themselves, be the root cause of a lack of abundance (and you like abundance to be, well, abundant, ty). Sleep with calcite near you at night to release your money worries.

Polished Malachite With Chrysocolla From South Africa

This rock brings out your inner warrior, giving you the assertiveness, courage, and confidence to pursue your authentic life goals. Sometimes you can overthink things and doubt yourself, and this rock can help you overcome those unwelcome musings.

Black Obsidian Tower

This stone will ward off all the haters. Keep it at your front door to protect your home’s energy field, or keep it close after a bruising encounter to neutralize any lingering negativity. Obsidian removes the remnants of toxic energies in your physical body and spiritually heals any (metaphorical) daggers that others have stabbed in your back.

Raw Tiger’s-Eye Crystals

You need security, Taurus. However that feeling manifests for you in your life, tiger’s-eye will guide you toward it. It will help you keep your balance and find your footing whenever life throws you off track. It helps ease you through tough transitions, so you can reclaim a sense of stability when everything around you is changing.

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz

This is the de-stress QUEEN of the crystal world. Rose quartz is a gentle, healing, peaceful crystal that promotes self-love and self-respect, helping you to stop dwelling on what others think of you. If you’ve had woes recently, this crystal will help you put them to the side and get back to being your flirty, fabulous self.

Blue Lace Agate
Blue Lace Agate Crystal Matrix

This crystal activates the throat chakra, enhancing your powers of self-expression, speech, and clarity. It’s great for public speaking, presentations, and pitches (all things you hate) as well as handling difficult conversations calmly and compassionately.

Raw Kunzite Earrings

Kunzite is nature’s emotional healing stone—it’s a natural source of lithium. If you’re struggling, hold this stone close. It can help balance your mood.

Rutilated Quartz
Rutilated Smoky Quartz Points

This is a crystal of decisiveness—which some might say you need! It has a fast and alert vibration, helping you zoom in on the crux of the issue at hand. It will help guide your decisions to the best outcome.

Tumbled Mookaite

This crystal is used to restore a carefree, youthful, and high-energy mood, helping Tauruses go with the flow. Mookaite also helps boost mental and physical performance.

Blue Aragonite
Aragonite Blue Tumble

To get the most out of aragonite, spend long periods of time with it—try keeping it under your pillow or in your purse. Aragonite will help you to release pain, heal from emotional wounds, and find compassion for yourself and others. Use one when you want to move on and feel lighter and brighter. Think of it as an emotional ally.

Black Onyx Tumbled Gemstones

This hardworking stone will help you feel powerful and strong. When you’re scared, onyx helps boost your backbone, confidence, and vitality.

Sodalite Spheres

Sodalite helps open and balance the throat chakra so you can express yourself clearly and confidently. It also strengthens your intuition so you can act shrewdly and wisely. This is a great relationship-building stone.

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