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12 Super-Chic Luggage Sets That’ll Have You Traveling in Style

These bags are srsly fly (heh).

best luggage sets

Want luggage that makes you look like a first-class flyer? Then you’ve come to the right place, bb. IMO, quality luggage is an investment worth making if you like to travel, and even if you’ve got an economy-class budget (hi, it me), there’s a luggage set out there that’ll help you roll into the airport looking and feeling like a GD boss. The best luggage sets will reliably get you from point A to B without sticky wheels or stubborn zippers, and most importantly, all while looking so damn stylish.

The benefits of owning a luggage set: You’ll always have a matching checked bag and carry-on bag for longer trips (which will get ya major style points at the airport). Plus, for shorter trips, you’ll have your option of a bigger or smaller bag on hand, depending on how long you’ll be away. But since you’re investing in multiple bags, you’ll wanna make sure they come with some v necessary travel features, like 360-degree spinner wheels, TSA-approved locks, expandable zippers, and all that good stuff. Some top-rated luggage brands even include bags with USB charging ports or suitcases designed to nest together and save you space, so the set you choose all depends on what features matter most to you. Ahead, the best luggage sets to buy before your next vacay—and yes, they’re all well worth your coin.

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most customizable luggage set
Carry On and Checked Set

Sleek, scratch-proof, and super lightweight, July’s luggage set is pretty hard to beat. Yes, it’s a lil pricey, but it’s backed by a lifetime warranty (and a 100-day trial so you can give them a test ride). The set includes July’s 21-inch carry-on bag and 26-inch checked bag, and you can even mix and match colors or add a monogram if you want to make them totally your own.

best value luggage set
2-Piece Set

Yes, you can get a quality luggage set for less than $200, and this duo from Coolife proves it. This two-piece set (which includes a 20-inch carry-on with a front pocket and 28-inch checked bag) features TSA-approved locks, expandable zippers, 360-degree spinner wheels, and many other perks of designer luggage bags...but without the designer price tag.

most eco-friendly luggage set
Carbon-Neutral Luggage Set

Not only is Paravel’s vintage-inspired luggage set totally chic—it’s also made from a ton of recycled materials, so it’s a purchase you can feel good about. The set includes Paravel’s 28-inch Aviator Grand and 22-inch Aviator Carry-On (although for an additional $20, you can upgrade to the slightly bigger Aviator Carry-On Plus).

most stylish luggage set
Ambeur 2-Piece Luggage Set

Okay, how fahncy is this set from Calpak? Equipped with TSA-approved locks, spinner wheels, interior pockets, and tons of other luxe details, this set includes a 22-inch carry-on and 30-inch large check-in—all for less than $400. And for an additional $100, you can upgrade to a three-piece set, which includes a 26-inch medium check-in.

most lightweight luggage set
Voltage DLX 2-Piece Set

At just under 15 pounds total, this cool contoured set from Samsonite is incredibly light for its size, considering it comes with a 22-inch carry-on and 27-inch medium checked bag. Samsonite’s Voltage bags are also hiiighly durable and include a WetPak pocket for your toiletries—and for an additional $56, you can upgrade to a set with a 22-inch carry-on and 31-inch large checked bag.

best budget luggage set
Pagosa 2-Piece Spinner Set
Traveler's Choice
Now 20% off

If you are not looking to shell out a ton of $$$ but still want quality luggage, then Traveler’s Choice is for you, bb. With spinner wheels, a built-in USB port, expandable storage, and a scratch-proof shell, this set (which includes a 22-inch carry-on and 26-inch checked bag) is a damn good bargain at $180.

most unique luggage set
Gemstone 2-Piece Set
Now 25% off

You def won’t have any trouble spotting your luggage in baggage claim if you get this unique geometric set. While it’ll cost ya less than $200, this set from Kensie has many of the perks that come with luxury sets (like TSA-approved locks, spinner wheels, and interior pockets) and it comes with a 20-inch carry-on and 28-inch checked bag.

most sustainable luggage set
H6 Check-In Luggage
Horizn Studios
Horizn Studios

While def not cheap (with carry-on bags starting at $375), Horizn Studios offers luggage that’s sustainable, durable, and S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G. And while you won’t find luggage sold in sets, you *can* save 20 percent if you choose two or more pieces of luggage (like their top-rated 25-inch H6 check-in bag) and enter the code MYSET20 at checkout.

most on-trend luggage set
The Medium

Like Horizn Studios, Insta famous brand Away doesn’t offer luggage sets per se, but you can start with a 22-inch Carry-On or 23-inch Bigger Carry-On, then add a 26-inch Medium or 29-inch Large suitcase to save $45 (or you can get a Medium and a Large to save $100). Away’s suitcases are designed to nest inside each other to save on space, and along with a lifetime warranty, you’ll get 100 days to try ’em out.

most functional luggage set
The Check-In Roller

Complete with a weight-limit indicator, expandable zipper, pockets galore, compression straps, TSA-approved locks, a built-in laundry bag, and so much more, Béis bags legit have it all and then some. You can build your own bundle by choosing any two bags (like the 26-inch check-in roller) to save 10 percent or any three bags to save 15 percent.

best splurge luggage set
Line + Line S

Launched in 2015, Tuplus spent over two years (!!) perfecting its first suitcase, so if you love impeccably-designed, minimalist, zipperless luggage, then these bags are calling your name. Tuplus’ most affordable luggage set includes the 26-inch Line checked bag and 22-inch Line S carry-on, and since you can mix and match colors, you can customize your set however you want.

most durable luggage set
Check-In Medium

Monos is known as the Apple of suitcases, and for good reason: Their bags are *chef’s kiss*. All of Monos’s bags come with a lifetime warranty, 100-day trial, and free shipping, and thanks to their polycarbonate hard shells, you’ll never have to buy another suitcase again. Start with a carry-on bag of any size and add a second bag (like the 26.5-inch check-in medium) to save $20.

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