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Your Moon Sign Shows Your Inner Self

If your Sun sign doesn’t feel like *you*, get in touch with your Moon sign.

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Forget about your Sun sign! When it comes to love, sex, and so much more, you really should be looking at your Moon sign.

From the first time you read your horoscope, you’ve known your Sun sign, which is defined by the Sun’s position on the day you were born. (You might know it as your “star sign” or just your ”zodiac sign.”) By all means, your Sun sign is important, because it depicts the kind of light you came to shine on the world. But when it comes to diving deeper into your astrological makeup, the Moon says a lot more about what’s below the surface.

To get specific, your Moon sign describes the sign of the zodiac where the Moon was positioned at your exact moment of birth. While your Sun sign portrays your daytime persona, your Moon sign awakens your nighttime identity.

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As I detail in my book Moon Signs: Unlock Your Inner Luminary Power, your Moon sign tells you about the ways you feel nurtured and loved, as well as how you behave behind closed doors. It’s linked to your emotional landscape, your fears, and your subconscious mind. Exploring your Moon sign is ev-er-y-thing when it comes to the types of connections you make. It spells out your needs and nonnegotiables. For all these reasons, some astrologers even believe your Moon sign is the real you.

If you were born at night or if you don’t identify with your Sun sign for any reason, your Moon sign might be even more on-point when understanding the richness of your inner life.

If you don’t know your Moon sign, check out a free birth chart calculator like those on Café Astrology or Co-Star. Note that since the Moon travels pretty fast in the sky, you’ll get the best results if you have an accurate time of birth.

Here’s what your Moon sign means:

If your Moon sign is Aries

You’re fast and furious when it comes to relationships and emotions! You know who you like and how to go after them. However, to stay interested, you need independence and action. Otherwise, the romance is short-lived, and you’re on to the next love like that. Good sex and adventure are your nonnegotiables, and you need to deal with issues as soon as they surface. When you’re feeling low, an intense and sweaty workout gets you back on track!

If your Moon sign is Taurus

You’re strong, reliable, and a creature of habit. Your home is most likely a beautiful den full of features designed to feed your hungry senses. Good food, good wine, and good company are your nonnegotiables, as pleasure takes center stage in your life. More than sexy, you are sensual and when you’re in, you’re in it for the long haul. When you’re feeling down, making art and getting rest are your go-to activities to revitalize your energy.

If your Moon sign is Gemini

Curiosity and mental stimulation are key for you, because you process emotional material through your mind. You’re a master with words, written or spoken, as they allow you to get in touch with your inner self. You’re charming and can easily adapt to any new situation—in fact, being versatile is one of your superpowers. When it comes to love and sex, you need intellectual rapport—an interesting convo serves as foreplay!

If your Moon sign is Cancer

Emotions are your specialty. You know what others feel and sometimes find difficult to express. You are psychic and peace-loving, and you have strong bonds with your friends and family. Sometimes, however, it’s hard for you to forgive and forget. In all aspects of life, you are tenacious and a fierce defendant of the ones you love. When moodiness arrives, self-care is the vehicle for transforming deep emotion into positive action.

If your Moon sign is Leo

You have a huge heart and were born to shine—but you’re picky when choosing your audience. Your incredibly colorful inner life calls for creative self-expression, and your light inspires the way for others. High passion, romance, and sometimes drama are your MO, and you never do things halfway. When it comes to love, you’re never less than a Queen or King, and treat your partners with the same warmth and attention that you receive.

If your Moon sign is Virgo

Analyzing emotions comes naturally to you, but it’s only when you truly relax that you can understand and fully process them. You thrive when you have a steady routine, as it allows you to organize your life—and maybe even the lives of others. You love to help others and those around you adore this giving side of yours. When it comes to love and sex, you’re at your hottest when you’re less self-critical and more self-confident.

If your Moon sign is Libra

Seeking beauty in your environment and harmony in your interactions is what makes your heart soar. You’re that charmer that everyone likes! You’re also beautiful and you know it, and most likely thrive when balanced by another half. However, when drama arrives, you sometimes hide, which can sometimes bring disillusionment. Artistry is your superpower, and you came into this world to beautify everything that you touch.

If your Moon sign is Scorpio

Emotional intensity is your thing, and part of your journey is to learn how to master your inner life. You have a powerful inner night vision that allows you to pinpoint people’s real intentions from a mile away. You can sometimes be shy and hard to get to know, but you’re incredibly strong and street smart. When it comes to love, you crave real, deep intimacy—or you’d rather be alone.

If your Moon sign is Sagittarius

Optimism is your superpower—you trust and know that things will work out. And since you’re lucky, most of the time they do! You are a wanderer at heart, and when it comes to relationships, freedom and space are your nonnegotiables. You need a partner who is hungry for adventure and knowledge, just like you. In a way, you came to bring happiness and light to the world—no pressure!

If your Moon sign is Capricorn

You’re ambitious and most likely spend a lot of your energy on building something meaningful that will last the test of time. Emotional mastery is your specialty, and you’re dedicated to learning how to express your feelings, as uncomfortable as that sometimes might be. In love, you’re a reliable and dedicated partner who plays for keeps. You don’t mind sacrificing time and energy to keep your bae happy, and they adore you for that!

If your Moon sign is Aquarius

You approach emotions through an intellectual lens. While that might throw some people off, it certainly helps you and others see things from a detached perspective. You are a big thinker and need to surround yourself with smart people. After all, you keep others on their toes and enjoy being challenged. You are a social butterfly, but you also need time alone to ponder the mysteries of the universe.

If your Moon sign is Pisces

Fantasy and imagination color your emotional landscape, and you most likely spend half of the time out of touch with reality. You’re an artist at heart, and it’s in these moments where you find your creativity and inspiration. You’re highly perceptive and are the epitome of compassion, as you easily understand someone else’s pain. Having well-defined boundaries, however, is key when it comes to protecting your soft interior.

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