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two dark eyes are opposite each other in a rainbow starry sky, with a diamond tear falling from each one

Your Pisces Season Horoscope, By Zodiac Sign

Pick a (tarot) card

the cosmo tarot deck lies on a white background surrounded by tarot cards

Hello, We Made a Tarot Deck

the wheel of fortune tarot card, showing a hand with dark skin reaching down into a circle in the middle of a starry sky

All About the Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card

the cosmo tarot deck sits in the foreground, with black and white cutouts of hands placed out over three colorful cards in the background

The Best Tarot Decks for Every Level of Reader

two hands reach out across four tarot cards, death, strength the lovers, and justice

Each Zodiac Sign Has Its Own Tarot Card

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All! Your! Horoscopes!

three disembodied eyes, circled by the word "horoscopes," look out at the viewer over a background of a purple starry sky

Your Monthly Horoscope for February Is Here

horoscope signs

Can I Interest You in Your 2022 Horoscope?

two hands are placed over a tarot card spread over a full moon

Your Weekly Tarot Card Reading, by Zodiac Sign

three disembodied eyes, circled by the word "horoscopes," look out at the viewer over a background of a purple starry sky

Your Horoscope for the Week of February 20

a hand holds out a full moon with the word "sexoscopes" repeating around it a mouth with a licking tongue is shown over the moon

Your Sex Horoscope for the Weekend

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Your birth chart has some ~secrets~

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From your FYP

a person in a leather jacket holds out a phone with a rainbow squiggle over it

No, Instagram and TikTok Aren’t Banning Astrology

But are you compatible?

two sets of mouths, both biting their lips, are arranged in a pink sky over a golden picture frame

What Each Zodiac Sign Needs in a FWB

a rainbow light shines through a quartz crystal point

Your Favorite Crystals Can Answer Your Love Qs

six eyes, three open and three closed, are placed over a starry rainbow background, and diamond tears fall from four of the eyes

When You Know It’s Time to Break Up, by Their Sign

a disembodied open mouth with red lipstick licks its top lip a gold picture frame surrounds the mouth, and an orange, starry sky is in the backgroud

Astrology Can Explain Why Your Ex Is the Worst

Ooh, a crystal!

from the magazine

HBD, Pisces!

Get witchy

preview for What are Sun, Moon and Rising Signs?

Can’t Make a Decision? Try a Pendulum

Gift guides galore

Magick, but really


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