Blake Moynes Accuses Katie Thurston of Emotional Cheating With John Hersey

“I really thought there was no way just based on timeline….”

Blake Moynes seems to have a lot of feelings about his ex Katie Thurston dating former Bachelorette contestant John Hersey. Speaking on the Talking It Out podcast with Mike Johnson and Bryan Abasolo, Blake said that Katie didn’t tell him about her plan to reveal she was dating John during “12 Days of Messy” (where she paired Taylor Swift songs with her Bachelorette exes).

“On Day 12, people were like, ‘Do you think it’s going to be John?’ And I was like, ‘No, it’s going to be about herself and [how] she reinvented and found herself," Blake said. “So when that dropped…I had to pull over because my phone was going nuts. I pulled over in a Best Buy parking lot and everyone was ringing me, they were like, ‘There’s no fucking way.’”

“I was shocked too,” he added. “I just thought that she might at least tell me on the side. Just because we have had very cordial, easy conversations. We haven’t had one in a while…but, you know, they’ve been very cordial and very good. So why not reach out to me and tell me that, at least, to give me a heads up?”

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While Blake said he doesn’t think there was “any physical cheating there,” he thinks “there was clearly emotional [cheating] for it to transition as quickly as it did. I don’t know if it was partially me too. Like, was she in some sense emotionally cheating to some degrees? Because I wasn’t able to provide something with words of affirmation—which I know I struggle with sometimes.”

“Everyone’s asking me questions like I have the answers. I don’t,” Blake added. “I really thought there was no way just based on timeline and everything...I know they spent a lot of time together and stuff, but there’s just no way. I never had an inkling.”

Blake has unfollowed Katie on Instagram and his mom seems less than thrilled too, so for more on that whole thing head below:

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